sacco management system software, sacco erp in kenya


We have the best SACCO Management System Software in Kenya (SACCO ERP in Kenya). Our SACCO ERP has mobile application for both android and IOS operating systems. Sacco ERP is an integrated Sacco and Microfinance Management System with a number of modules which enable a sacco to manage its operations from loans applications to disbursement, Savings accounts functionality ,Financial accounting and Reporting, shares/Deposits management,Front office administration, Asset management and system administration modules

Sacco ERP Software provides you with smart effortless functionality enabling you to concentrate on other areas of your business operations. From Loans management, Shares and Dividends management to Customer and banking management, Bulk SMS , HRM and Payroll integrated all under one system. With Our Extensive Accouting you can be confindent that your financial reporting is well taken care of. If you wish to Customize your Sacco ERP Software Product to fit your Business Model, our team of highly skilled developers is there to deliver to your specifications, responsive and can run in any device from desktops,tablets to mobile devices. Among the best sacco software in Kenya.

The Software has everything you need to start automating Sacco and microfinance banking. Web based hence can be hosted either on the cloud or on premise and accessed on the fly using either PC's, smartphones, tablets or ipads. All data is stored and accessed in a centralized database

SACCO Management System in Kenya

It’s one of the most common form of cooperative organization. The name SACCO is an acronym for Savings And Credit Cooperative Organization. Main activities include accumulation of member deposits, reinvestment of the deposit in low risk investments like Treasury Bonds, Fixed Deposit Schemes, and Real Estate among others. SACCOs also advance low interest rates and flexible credit facilities to her members. Interest from loan repayment forms one of the main sources of income. Profits at the close of a financial year may be paid back to members as dividends. SACCOs are the most common financial institutions in Eastern and Southern Africa. . Some of the Sacco Management Software Features include:

Member Registration Client Registration Module (KYC) – Know your Client – allow capture of Client bio data, social economic data and any other important information about the Client. Including Client’s beneficiaries, bank details and identification documents.

Member Personal Account This module manages all Members transactions related to Accounting, Payments and Receipts.It provides a means of processing and extraction of the information relating to Members transactions in a precise, accurate and effective manner of extracting and displaying or printing the same for analysis and decision making process.Members payments can be received in the against

  • 1. Deposits
  • 2. Interest
  • 3. Loan principal.
  • 4. Share capital
  • 5. Lump sum charges
  • 6. Loan clearance charges
  • 7. Loan application charges
  • 8. Insurance fee
  • 9. Entrance fee
  • 10.Loan scheduling fees
  • 11.Others


The system generates the following reports:

  • 1.Total loans collected in a period.
    2.The loans projected/actual report.
    3.The system generates defaulters report in periods/ days/ months.
    4.Loan ageing Report
    5.Loan portfolio at Risk
    6.Loans cleared report.
    7.Loan repayment schedule.
    8.Loans due for payment on a given date.
    9.Loans balances as per Client and per loan at a given date.
    10.Relevant reports can bear makers/checkers/approvers/authorisers/signatories, times and dates.
    11.The system generates an appraisal report.
    12.Loans rejected/deferred citing reason for such.
    13.Loans issued/pending (full/partial) in a particular period.
    14.Loans approved in a particular period and the amount approved.
    15.Loans applied in a particular period.
    16.The system allows addition/modification of new loan products/parameters.
    17.The system allows an authorized user to make exemptions on some loan parameter using marker checker principle